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Regent Jewelers explores the world’s gemstone markets for the most beautiful gemstones and we feature them in our store in Coral Gables and Miami. Fans of rubies will tell you that the most beautiful rubies are found in Burma, also known as Myanmar. This used to be the most accepted paradigm when talking about rubies. Burmese rubies are beautiful and the Mogok valley in Burma does produce some of the most beautiful and valuable rubies in the world. A universal truth that is applicable to the ruby trade is that things change. Ever since 2009, when gem quality rubies were first recovered from Mozambique’s Mugloto-Ntorro region, Mozambique rubies have been competing with Burmese rubies for beauty and value.

Mozambique, Portugal’s former colony, is situated in the southeastern coast of Africa and has had a difficult and elaborate process of normalization ever since the end of colonial rule in 1975. Civil struggles, military rule and recent democratic elections have created a nation in need filled with people struggling to survive. Mozambique’s future however looks bright as it has ample alluvial deposits of gems, and natural gas fields have been located off its northern coast.  

Rubies are the red form of corundum, the base material for all sapphires. Corundum exhibiting any color other than red is known as sapphire. Gem quality rubies can be found in several locations throughout the world although the ruby market has been dominated by rubies from three sources, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Myanmar. The market changed however in 2009 with the discovery of the Mozambique Montepuez deposit which not only has quality, but the ability to produce the volume to fulfil global demand for high quality gem ruby.

The Mozambique Montepuez ruby, being new to the market, is still not achieving the value it deserves among the world’s finest rubies. Mozambique rubies of comparable quality fetch only a fraction of the price that Myanmar Mogok valley rubies. The reason for the current relatively low price is the market’s reluctance to accept this relatively new source as the value leader based on its geographic location. The Mozambique Montepuez deposit has made high quality gem rubies more available than before. The beauty of these gems and their availability provide a source of rubies which enables the creation of perfectly matched important pieces within months and not years.

Rubies have been valued by royalty and the elite since the time of the pharaohs. Red gemstones from all over the Egyptian controlled world were though to be rubies. Yet, some of the red gemstones in Egyptian burial sites have proved to be rubellite or garnet. Rubies were mentioned in the bible as a measure of value when searching for virtue. Today we value rubies because of their beauty, their provenance and rarity.

Important jewelry featuring Mozambique rubies is being crafted at a higher rate than with Burmese rubies as the scarcity of fine Burmese rubies makes it very difficult to create jewelry pieces with matching rubies of the same color and clarity. Mozambique is producing gem quality rubies in greater quantity than any other region. Rubies from Mozambique’s Montepuez deposit continue to amaze with their color and translucency.

It has been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In deed, beauty can be a subjective aspect which is evaluated by each individual based on background, cultural factors. In gemstones, however, beauty is a palpable factor affecting value and can be agreed upon by a collective who estimate value professionally. Fine Mozambique rubies are thought of as beautiful by industry leaders and thus have gained value and popularity in the past few years.

We at Regent Jewelers are passionate about colored gemstones. We have a collection of fine sapphires, emeralds, and rubies. Among these is a beautiful example of Mozambique rubies. We currently feature in our collection a 7.47 carat very fine ruby from Mozambique graded by the Gem Research Swiss Lab (GER) to be Pigeon’s Blood Vivid Red with no indication of heating. This is the highest grade for rubies the laboratory issues. The grading report denotes the origin of the ruby to be Mozambique thus making this ruby a fine and rare example of some of the world’s best rubies.

When purchasing a special gemstone it is always best to select a seller which not only has the finest quality gemstones, but also has the experience to guide you through the buying process. Selecting a gemstone which is best suited for you can be a bit tricky since there are so many vendors advertising their wares online and elsewhere. Regent Jewelers and its parent company have been at the same location since 1997. Conveniently located on the corner of Miracle Mile and LeJeune Road in Coral Gables, Regent Jewelers features complimentary parking in the municipal parking garage located south of Miracle Mile, behind the store. Moreover, Regent Jewelers is very particular about which gemstones we purchase and showcase in our store, making sure only the best values and gemstones are available for sale. We invite you to call Regent Jewelers today to experience some of the world’s most beautiful jewelry.

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