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Best Push Gifts In Miami and Coral Gables

Push gifts or presents are gifts given to a mom who is expecting or who has recently given birth. These gifts are not meant to be part of a baby shower and are meant to be something personal for her and commemorate the wonderful occasion of a birth in the family. What is the best place in Miami to purchase a push gift or a push present you may ask. Regent Jewelers is the answer. Regent Jewelers with its eclectic collection of estate and new fine jewelry is the best place to find the perfect push gift or present for that special new mom.

When choosing a present for a new mom you should take into consideration that she has just been blessed with a joyful, beautiful and very stressful change to her life. There are very few hours of sleep and there are fewer times when she can reflect on recent events. New moms are stressed with responsibilities and changes which affect their daily routines. Therefore, a perfect gift will be something which takes her out of the current stress and projects beauty into her life. Regent Jewelers suggests a gift of jewelry which may include the child’s birthstone, a special inscription or simply a piece of jewelry which reflects the beauty of the moment.

Regent Jewelers has several great options when it comes to a push present. If, for example, you are the spouse and would like to express your ongoing adoration for this new mom, you can give her that engagement ring you always heard her speak about. Engagement rings are a base for the rest of her jewelry collection. There are many suggestions on how much to spend on an engagement ring. It has been said that it should be equivalent to three months income. This is certainly generous and would, in most cases, provide for a wonderful diamond engagement ring.

Engagement rings are very special as they are to be worn for the rest of her life and signify her commitment to the marriage. Likewise, the investment made into this ring also signifies your commitment. Engagement rings traditionally feature a larger diamond as a focus point. Royals, however, have always used other gemstones as a focal point. Royals choose sapphires or rubies and have traditionally surrounded them with diamonds.

Regent Jewelers features a selection of engagement rings which can fit a diamond or can be designed to your specifications. Recently oval cut diamonds have become very popular and although halo mountings are still popular mostly they are being set in solitaire mountings which focus on the single diamond as the star of the engagement ring.

Engagement rings can be manufactured using silver, gold or platinum. Due to its very low value and lack of durability, we discourage the use of silver in an engagement ring. We recommend the use of yellow or white gold and we further recommend 14 or 18 karat whenever possible. The higher the karat the more gold in the alloy. Thus, an 18 karat white gold ring is 75% gold while a 14 karat white gold ring is only 58.3% gold. Keeping this in mind, it is easy to see why 18 karat gold is more expensive than 14.

Depending on the bride’s skin tone, the color of the metal should enhance the look of the diamond. A white or colorless diamond should be mounted using a white gold or platinum mounting and a diamond which is graded J or more saturated, should be mounted using yellow or pink gold. Regent Jewelers has a selection of various precious metal colors for you to choose from when you visit us.

All of Regent Jewelers’ fine diamonds are graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and are accompanied by a grading certificate. We recommend that when you buy a diamond ring in Miami or Coral Gables, you choose a GIA graded diamond. Also, if you want to sell or trade in your diamond to be able to upgrade your engagement ring, it is always best if your diamond is also graded by the GIA. If you set out to sell or trade diamond in Miami or Coral Gables, you should have your diamond analyzed and valued by a professional. Regent Jewelers offers free verbal appraisals and immediate payments for all diamond jewelry.

During these confusing times it is difficult to know how to go about buying an engagement ring in Miami or Coral Gables. Regent Jewelers is here to help you with your purchase of an engagement ring or any other jewelry push present. We are always here as well to provide immediate payments on all jewelry we purchase and we pay top dollar for all diamond jewelry in Miami or Coral Gables.

Thank you.

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