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How to Buy a Diamond in Miami and Coral Gables

When you ask yourself how to buy a diamond you should first read over and over again about the four "C"s of buying a diamond. What you have not read about yet is the most important and fifth "C", Confidence.

In the link below you will find information about diamonds from some of the world's most capable and trusted gemologists.

The Gemological Institute of America {GIA} is the world's most trusted source of gemological information. 

What the GIA fails to mention is that without confidence in your source of diamonds you, and most jewelry professionals, can, and will get fooled. 

There is a criminal enterprise dedicated solely to committing fraud and misrepresenting treated, man-made and simulants as real valuable diamonds. The devil is in the details is a very appropriate statement when referring to these issues.

When purchasing a diamond you should take care to choose an industry professional with many years of experience specifically in diamonds and who is knowledgeable enough to be able to identify treated, man-made and simulants with ease.

Regent Jewelers' professionals have been in the industry for a combined 40 years. As diamond dealers, we are exposed to every development in the industry and can easily identify problems well before they get to you, the end client.

We buy from the public, estates, auctions and direct wholesale sources. This means we ensure that all of our diamonds are natural, untreated and of the highest quality. 

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