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Selling Diamonds Online

When selling your diamonds online consider that COVID precautions are in effect at Regent Jewelers Jewelry store in Miami and Coral Gables. Regent jewelers has implemented all of the precautions recommended by the CDC in our store. Please feel free to call for an appointment to ensure privacy and safety or go online to www.regentjewelers.net. These are tough times. The economy has slowed down, many are out of work and the bills keep coming. Regent Jewelers can help by purchasing your gold, jewelry, diamonds and gems.

It is difficult to feel comfortable visiting a jewelry store to sell your jewelry. Regent Jewelers continues to follow CDC recommendations offering a safe, private environment to sell your jewelry. Regent Jewelers provides a second option for you to sell your jewelry. You can send us an email with photos of your jewelry and any appraisal or certificate you have. If we are interested in it, we will provide an insured package label for your shipment. Once we receive it, we will offer a fair price and if you accept we will issue a check or paypal payment. If you do not wish to sell it for what we offer, we will return it fully insured.

Regent Jewelers follows strict safety procedures to ensure your jewelry is insured and arrives safely at our store. The process takes several steps:

  • Regent Jewelers sends you an insured label via email.
  • You place your jewelry inside a padded pack provided by Fed Ex.
  • You place the padded pack inside a small Fed Ex box.
  • You place the small Fed Ex box inside a medium Fed Ex box.
  • You adhere the label you received by email to the box
  • You take the Fed Ex box to your local Fed Ex ship store and receive a receipt for the shipment.
  • You take a photo of the receipt and send it to us via email.
  • Both Regent Jewelers and you track the package using the Fed Ex website to follow its progress.
  • The package arrives at our store and we open it in front of our security cameras making sure all of your jewelry arrived safely at Regent Jewelers.
  • We weigh and inspect your jewelry.
  • We evaluate your jewelry and provide you with an offer within minutes of opening your package.
  • If you accept, we send you a detailed form you must sign in accordance with state regulations. (All purchases whether in person or online require this form be completed.)
  • Once we receive the signed form, we issue you a check or a payment through paypal.
  • If you do not accept our offer, we ship your jewelry back to you in an insured package.

This very secure way of selling your jewelry online is will hopefully alleviate some of your financial problems. Regent Jewelers with its international representation and offices in Hong Kong, New York City and South Florida has the ability to sell high end jewelry to a varied customer base. Regent Jewelers ability to sell high end pieces affords us the capability to pay more than the average jeweler for your jewelry. We appreciate your business and always offer the best prices.

Currently, Regent Jewelers is buying Diamonds, Diamond Engagement Rings and Diamond Jewelry. Regent Jewelers also is looking for fine rubies, emeralds and sapphires with or without gemological laboratory grading reports. Regent Jewelers evaluates all jewelry in house and makes offers on the spot with immediate payments.

Founded in 1995, Regent Jewelers and its parent company, has a long passionate history of fine jewelry in Miami and Coral Gables. Regent Jewelers features American Gemological Laboratory (AGL) graded natural untreated emeralds, rubies and sapphires as well as Gemological Institute of America (GIA) graded diamonds. Regent Jewelers pays the best prices for gemstones, diamonds, estate jewelry and gold.

Regent Jewelers looks forward to becoming your jeweler even in these difficult times, when you have something to celebrate, something to commemorate or when you need help selling your jewelry, think of us as we are here to help you. Selling your jewelry online can be a difficult thing with plenty of fly by night operations asking you to send them your valuables. Regent Jewelers is a member of the BBB and JBT as well as being a reputable jewelry store for over 20 years in the same location.

Selling jewelry and diamonds online during the COVID pandemic is a risky proposition if you are not dealing with an established and reputable jeweler. Regent Jewelers Jewelry Store in Miami and Coral Gables is here to help you get through these tough times by helping you sell your diamonds online or in person. Regents Jeweler’s reputation for customer satisfaction is reflected in our reviews and happy customers.

Please feel free to call, email, or visit us online or in person when selling your diamonds online or in person. Regent Jewelers respects your need for safety and privacy during this COVID pandemic. With appointments available between 10:30 and 4:30 Monday through Friday, and the ability to sell your diamonds online, Regent Jewelers Jewelry Store in Coral Gables and Miami wants you to remember that we are all in this together. Please call 305-443-7373 or email us at info@regentjewelers.net to sell your diamonds online or in person during the COVID pandemic.

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