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Sell Ruby in Miami and Coral Gables

We can help you sell rubies in Miami and Coral Gables. Rubies are very beautiful and rare rubies from Burma without heat treatment are among some of the most valuable gems on earth. So, how do you tell whats valuable and what is not? Many jewelers cannot identify a synthetic ruby from a natural ruby. We have been studying rubies for many years and we can identify and value rubies easily. 
There are several factors which affect a ruby's value. We are able to examine your ruby under a microscope and make an offer on the spot and provide immediate payment. Whether your ruby has a laboratory grading report or not, we will make an offer.  Stop asking yourself "where can i sell rubies near me?" and call us today.


Call us today to make an appointment to turn your unused jewelry and diamonds into cash. We feature on the spot offers and immediate payment.

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