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Cleaning Out Your Jewelry Drawer

               During the time of COVID you have been home and you cleaned your house, you painted walls, redecorated bedrooms and redefined your idea of a beautiful home. As part of this cleaning effort you may also have been going through your drawers and found several pieces of jewelry you may not remember you owned. You found it, now its time to turn it into money so that you may continue your decorating adventure. If you want to sell sapphire bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces or pendants, you need to find a reputable and experienced jeweler in South Florida. We would like to help you clean your jewelry drawers out. Here are five tips on how to effectively clean your jewelry drawer out.

  • The first step in these types of endeavors is usually the most difficult as it means commitment to the task and if done properly can set you up for success. We recommend you get five plastic bowls with covers. We will use these through the process and the bowls will keep you organized and focused on the task at hand. Before you begin going through the drawer we will label each bowl. Don’t get too fancy as that may slow you down. With a marker simply write the following on each bowl. On one bowl write “KEEPING”. On the next write “BROKEN”. On the next write “Selling”. On the next write “Heirlooms”. And on the final bowl write “QUESTION”.
  • Set your bowls near your drawer and make sure you have proper lighting in the area you are going to use as your sorting table. Lighting is very important as we almost never have enough light in our bedrooms to go over something as detailed as jewelry. Set up a lamp near you and make sure the lightbulb in it is a daylight bulb and not a warm or cold light bulb as these may influence the look of your jewelry and not provide you with an accurate depiction of what you have.
  • The easiest thing to do is to pick our all of the broken jewelry out of your jewelry drawer first as there is really no question regarding these pieces. They are either broken or not. If they are broken do not spend any time going through them. Just place them in the “BROKEN” bowl and go through all of the broke pieces once you have completely sorted your jewelry out.
  • Once you have removed all of the broken pieces from your jewelry drawer you should start by separating jewelry by color of metal and color of stones. For example if you see a sapphire bracelet place it with other sapphire jewelry. This will allow you a better perspective if you want to sell sapphire bracelet or maybe the complete sapphire jewelry set. By placing all alike jewelry together you also get a better idea if you have complete sets or if you can group any of your jewelry based on gemstones or metal color.
  • After you have divided your jewelry into groups based on gemstone color place the ones which strike you as pretty in the “KEEPING” bowl. This is not a permanent choice you can always change your mind but at least you know you are keeping what you feel is pretty. At the end of the say no one wears jewelry they feel is ugly or not their style so either place the jewelry in the “KEEPING” bowl or if you find a piece you know one of your relatives or children would love place that in the “HEIRLOOMS” bowl. Once again none of this is permanent and you can always change your mind. Place any jewelry you don’t like in the “SELLING” bowl. Jewelry which is questionable whether to keep or sell should be placed in the “QUESTION” bowl. Fill this last one up as it is better to go through things twice than to regret selling something you like.

Now you have several groups of jewelry which can be more easily sorted. You have sorted your jewelry by gemstone color, metal color, ugly or pretty, keep or sell. This may seem like a lot of choices but the more you go though your jewelry the more you will realize what you really want to keep and use and what you can sell and turn into cash to further you goals. Go through your jewelry drawer carefully and all of the broken pieces should be taken to the jewelry store when you decide to sell your jewelry as they are made of gold or platinum and these pieces add up. Visiting your color gemstone group you can see the sapphire bracelet you want to sell and see if there is a set of sapphire jewelry to sell as well. Group these together and bring them to Regent Jewelers and we will identify your color gemstones, value them and make you an offer on the spot. The value of sapphires varies in proportion to their beauty. This is based on color, tone, saturation, translucency and condition. Call 305-443-7373 to make an appointment today to turn your unused jewelry into funds you can use.

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