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How to Sell Emeralds in Miami and Coral Gables

How to sell your emerald you ask? There are several factors which affect emerald values. Among the most important is provenance. Where the emerald was mined will determine a large portion of its value. Colombian emeralds who are mined in the Muzo region are of rich green color with vibrant and lively qualities. Zambian emeralds present a different hue of green tending to be more olive green in nature. Zambian emeralds often have less inclusions and are less valuable than Colombian emeralds. 
The first step in valuing your emerald is figuring out where it was mined. We can determine that through microscopic examination of your emerald. The second most important factor in valuing your emerald is to determine if the emerald has been treated in any way with materials to enhance its appearance. The traditional method of clarity enhancement for emeralds is to introduce cedar oil into the small cavities which are found on an emerald's surface. We can also determine the extent of treatment through microscopic examination of your emerald.

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