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Our eclectic collection is the result of years of dedication to the art of masterful craftsmen from around the world.

Our Story

It all started with a dream, an aspiration really. A young boy walking by a fancy jewelry store every day on his way to school. Times were not easy, it was the depression and food and essentials were hard to come by, not to mention luxuries like jewelry or watches. Yet, there was that dream, the dream of a young boy peeking through a window to see the glamorous, indeed magical surroundings inside this jewelry store. One day he worked up the strength, got himself cleaned up, entered the store and sold the manager on the idea of letting him pick up after the sales people and clients.

The boy continued to work at this store cleaning and running errands until the day when the newest water resistant watches arrived and the sales team argued about how to display this wonderful ability to their clients. The young man rushed over to the watchmaker’s bench grabbed the glass dome covering the high precision screwdrivers and punches, filled it with water and placed it in the front window display. He then walked over to the watch and grabbed it and placed it inside the water filled glass dome. This made the store manager realize how smart and sales oriented he was. After that day, the young man did not clean or pick up after anyone, he was now a salesman.

This humble beginning was the start of what would be a life time love affair with jewelry and the fine skills of gifted craftsmen who produce magic out of gold and gemstones. Carlos Tepedino, the young man in this story, went on to own one of the most prestigious jewelry stores in Cuba. He grew his business with integrity and persistence and after the end of World War II he was one of the founding members of the New York Diamond Dealers club and remained so until his last day on this earth. Mr. Tepedino went on to grow his business in New York after leaving is beloved Cuba. Afterwards, he also, through allegiances with some of Europe’s most renowned gemstone dealers, opened offices in Geneva.

 After many successful years in Europe and New York, Mr. Tepedino opened Tepedino Jewels in 1995. Located on the corner of Miracle Mile and LeJoune Road, Tepedino Jewels quickly earned the nick name “The Jewel of the Mile”. As Mr. Tepedino was growing his business, another boy was also falling in love with jewelry and the wonder of pearls. Erik Diamond joined the jewelry industry through one of the nation’s largest and most recognized natural and cultured pearl wholesalers. His infatuation with the jewelry industry fueled his success and after many years in the business he met Carlos Tepedino and formed a partnership. The Golconda Collection was formed by Erik Diamond and Carlos Tepedino as these passionate aficionados of fine jewelry not only to bring a venue to life in which rare and beautiful jewelry pieces would find new owners, but a place to which fans of fine craftsmanship and exquisite gems could go and enjoy.

Today, after Carlos, Golconda rededicates itself to providing heirloom quality jewelry and gems by forming Regent Jewelers. In the absence of the king, in olden times, the regent would have the keys to the kingdom and ensure the wealth and quality of the kingdom was kept. As such, in the absence of Carlos, we too will keep the dream alive. Please join us and celebrate our love for fine jewelry and gems.

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