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How to Buy an Emerald in Miami and Coral Gables

Genuine emeralds are valued for their beauty and rich color. There are several sources of fine emeralds. Colombia's Muzo region produces the most valuable emeralds on earth. Brazil, Zambia and some regions in China also produce beautiful emeralds. However, the most valued come from Colombia. 

Fine emeralds are always accompanied by laboratory reports which state their provenance, color saturation and any treatments. 
Emeralds are mostly treated with cedar oil to enhance their appearance and cover some of the minute crevices which are common in emeralds. This gives them a more lustrous and richer look. The majority of emeralds are treated in some way. This makes the untreated, or lightly treated with traditional methods, or cedar oil, very valuable and rare. 

We have several untreated emeralds in our showroom for your viewing pleasure. Please visit us soon and find out how to buy genuine emeralds.


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