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Provenance is very important when valuing emeralds. The origin of an emerald establishes a base value from which to start the valuation. For example, Colombia is famous for producing some of the world’s most beautiful and valuable emeralds. One of the most expensive emeralds, the Rockefeller Emerald was purchased by Harry Winston for 5.5 million dollars or $305,000 per carat in 2017 at Christies New York Auction. Provenance can be determined by studying the internal qualities of the emerald under a microscope and using other gemological tools such as light filters and laboratory equipment. To establish the true value of a fine emerald, a gemological laboratory should be consulted and a grading report provided. Most very fine emeralds are accompanied by gemological reports from two different laboratories.
Your diamond looks the way it does because it has certain properties. Among these are Color, Clarity, Cut and Diameter. Notice I did not say weight but diameter. This is because when matching a diamond, the weight is not as important as the diameter and table size. This is why cut was included. 
There are several well qualified sapphire experts in the South Florida area. Getting to know one will be the best place to start the process of selling your sapphire in Miami. Sapphires of value are usually sold with a grading certificate from one of the major gemological laboratories. The American Gemological Laboratory (AGL) and the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) are the most commonly used gemological laboratories in the US. Internationally, Gubelin Gem Lab, HRD Antwerp, and the SSEF are among the most recognized. Most important sapphires should be accompanied by grading reports from two internationally recognized gemological laboratories.
Heating sapphires is done to concentrate color and enhance the overall appearance of a sapphire. Nearly all blue sapphires are heat treated in order to achieve high levels of saturation and better tones. Heating sapphires to over 1000 degrees Celsius melts the inside of the sapphire and dissolves many of the mineral inclusions which detract from body color and translucency. As the sapphire is brought close to its melting point, the crystals of embedded minerals are reduced to microscopic clouds and blended into the corundum matrix which makes up the sapphire. Thus, creating a more saturated color and darker tones.

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