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How to Sell Your Sapphire

Sell Sapphire in Miami and Coral Gables

Let us help you figure out how to sell sapphire in Miami and Coral Gables. Sapphires have grown in popularity and value in recent years. It is very possible that the little sapphire ring left to you by your grand mother is very valuable. 
We know sapphires and can identify and value your sapphire with ease. 
Sapphires appear in nature in almost every color  except red. Red sapphires are called rubies. We have studied sapphires in depth and can identify a rare Kashmir valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars per carat as well as a synthetic sapphire with less than ten dollars in value. 
Stop asking yourself "how to sell sapphire?" and call us today.


Call us today to make an appointment to turn your unused jewelry and diamonds into cash. We feature on the spot offers and immediate payment.

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