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Jewelry Stores in Miami You Can Trust

Jewelry Stores in Miami You Can Trust

There are literally hundreds of jewelry stores in Miami-Dade County. With so many choices, how do you choose a jewelry store you can trust? More importantly, how do you know that what you are buying is not being misrepresented or overpriced? These questions should be in your mind when you buy jewelry in Miami. The simple act of researching on one of the review pages or online listings is not enough when making a significant purchase for example, when you buy an engagement ring. As creatures of habit, we always default to searching in our phones and going with one of the top three results for jewelry stores in Miami. This is not the best way to establish who is to be trusted as clever marketing campaigns and knowledgeable web strategist can create an image of a solid business which should be trusted covering up for a fly by night operation which resells cheap, poorly manufactured imported jewelry which may even contain synthetic diamonds and gemstones.

Regent Jewelers is dedicated to providing world class service to our clients. Our passion drives our mission to present the highest quality jewelry at the best prices. We specialize in two distinct types of jewelry. Regent Jewelers designs and manufactures engagement rings with diamonds and precious gemstones and we search the world for the finest estate jewelry. We feel this combination, while being eclectic in nature, provides our clients with a wide variety of jewelry that will be valued not only by them but by future generations.

Regent Jewelers is Rated “A” by the Better Business Bureau and is a member in good standing of the Jewelers Board of Trade. These two organizations examine our business and business practices to ensure we treat the consumer ethically and properly.

Regent Jewelers works with some of the world’s finest jewelers to create fine engagement rings which showcase beautiful diamonds and rare gemstones. Our platinum engagement rings feature fine diamonds graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and rare and beautiful precious gemstones graded by the American Gemological Laboratory (AGL).  When shopping for fine diamonds and gemstones in jewelry stores in Miami you should always demand that your diamonds and gemstones be graded by one of these two gemological laboratories.

Regent Jewelers offers the following:

  • Nationally recognized gemological laboratory grading certificates with all of our fine diamonds and rare gemstones.
  • Handcrafted original design engagement rings manufacture by one of our affiliate jewelry artist in New York.
  • Designer estate jewelry (Cartier, Van Cleef and Arpels, Tiffany, etc.) with original boxes and our guarantee of authenticity.
  • Previously owned and loved designer watches with our one year warranty.
  • In the same location since 2004 as our parent company Golconda LLC.

When you search for a reputable jewelry store in Miami you should compare them to Regent Jewelers and make sure they offer all of our services and assurances. Regent Jewelers stands behind all of our jewelry and we make sure that what we sell is and authentic.

We have heard stories of sorrow from some of our clients that they have, before coming to us, suffered at the hands of unscrupulous and unprofessional jewelers. Learn from their mistakes and come to us first. Regent Jewelers is passionately dedicated to providing every customer with a great experience.  Click here to see what we buy. When you search for a jewelry store in Miami, search for Regent Jewelers.

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