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Four Tips on How to Sell Your Diamond, Part 2

Four Tips on How to Sell Your Diamond, Part 2

  • Another question you should have when finding out how to sell your diamond is: How do you get the most value out of your diamond? The key to getting the most value out of your diamond is time. That is to say that you must be prepared to invest time in doing research, valuing your diamond, and researching jewelers in your area to see who is trust worthy.
    1. Timing in selling your diamond is an important thing. For example if you set out to sell your diamond in November you may get more for it than if you go out in June and try to sell your diamond. This is due to an increase demand during the holiday season and prior months. Market demand for specific fancy shapes can also affect the price you realize for your diamond. In the past year or so, oval shaped diamonds have become very popular. If you have an oval diamond to sell you may get more for it than if it were a pear shape, princess cut or a marquise shape as these are not in great demand at this time.
    2. Geographic area will also affect what you get for your diamond. In small communities there are fewer people buying diamonds and less demand than in bigger cities. Therefore, if you live in a smaller town, you may want to research jewelers in a larger city near you in order to get a better price. Once again, demand drives the value of your diamond. The more demand the more you get for your diamond.
  • How do you establish that a jeweler is trust worthy and will pay you a fair price? This is one of the most important steps and many of you will simply google “sell my diamond near me” and pick from the top three results without asking a question or looking at the reviews. Trust is hard to establish. Jewelers who are reputable work hard for many years to prove to their clients that they are fair, honest and trust worthy. Jewelers who pass the scrutiny of the Better Business Bureau, who belong to organizations which offer peer review like the Jewelers Board of Trade(JBT), and who have been in the same location for many years are the ones you should pay attention to. Many fly by night organizations which offer to buy your diamond off the internet or who promise to pay high prices are often not to be trusted with your diamond.
  • Who do I trust to sell my diamond? You need to be smart about this choice as you need to find an honest jeweler who will pay you a fair price. This means that the jeweler you pick should have over ten years in the same location and be Better Business Bureau (BBB) and JBT rated. Also, the jeweler should do business in several locations and have some presence in one of the major diamond trading cities in the world, like New York City where 80% of the diamonds sold in the US traverse. With all of these things in place you find a jeweler who can be trusted to pay you a fair price when you are selling your diamond. 


Regent Jewelers and its parent company Golconda LLC has been in business since 2004 in the same location. Regent Jewelers is BBB rated A and is a member in good standing of the Jewelers Board of Trade an industry credit and reference organization. With affiliate offices in New York City and Hong Kong, and the store in Coral Gables, Regent Jewelers has a broad market to sell and buy diamonds thus offering you the client the best possible price. Regent Jewelers has an experienced and honest staff which is at your service should you need advice or want to sell or buy a diamond. We dedicate ourselves to being your go to jewelry store for honest, discrete service at a convenient location with complimentary parking in the municipal parking lot behind our store. Whether you decide to sell your diamond to us or simply stop by for our opinion, we will treat you with respect and honesty. Click on the following link to sell your diamond to us. https://regentjewelers.net/pages/sell-my-diamond

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