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September Birthstone: Sapphire

One of the most popular and most easily recognized gemstones, sapphire is a form of the mineral corundum. Sapphire is found in all colors. When corundum is red, it is called ruby. Both ruby and sapphire have the same base mineral and the same hardness and durability.

Blue sapphires have adorned the robes and crowns of royalty for millennia. Ancient Romans and Greeks attributed sapphires with bringing peace, cleansing the spirit, healing friendships and protect their owners from envy and harm. Clergy in the middle ages wore sapphires to symbolize heaven. Royalty have used sapphires in engagement rings, crowns, brooches and scepters for a very long time.

If you were to ask anyone from the general public about sapphires they would start by telling you about the blue color. Although blue is the most popular color for sapphire, pink, orange and yellow are also popular and valuable. Bubble Gum Pink is the popular phrase among the gem industry to describe the valuable pink sapphire. Its attractive, strong pink color stands out from the crowd and is very attractive. Pink sapphires of less than 10 carats are valued about ten thousand dollars a carat while pink sapphires of over 20 carats are valued at forty to fifty thousand dollars per carat making pink sapphires valuable and worthy of being in the world’s finest jewelry collections.

The sheer variety of colors available in sapphires will delight almost everyone. Sapphires are durable, beautiful and hold their value. A personal favorite is blue sapphire from Kashmir. The corn flower blue hue and the richness of the color permeates these gemstones which provide an object so attractive as to inspire the imagination of the worlds best designers. Royalty has chosen blue sapphires from Kashmir as the gemstone of choice for engagement rings. Most notably was Princess Diana’s ring created by Garrard and inspiring a movement of fine jewelry design which included gemstones in engagement rings.

We at Regent Jewelers pride ourselves in our knowledge of sapphires and in our collection of fine sapphires graded by the American Gemological Laboratory (AGL). Regent Jewelers has several fine untreated sapphires and rubies which would make perfect engagement rings. Among these is a ring by Garrard which features a beautiful blue sapphire surrounded by diamonds. Stop by our store and experience this beautiful piece as well as many others.

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