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August Birthstone: Peridot

Ever looked into the night sky and wondered if you could ever own a piece of a star or a planet? Peridot could be your dream come true. Peridot, composed of the mineral Olivine, can be found in lava flows throughout the earth as well as in meteorites which are remnants of the early solar system. Gem quality peridot is rare and found in quantity in a few places. With a distinctive yellowish green color, peridot has sometimes been mistaken as emerald. Cleopatra was known to posses a great emerald collection. When these were examined many of them turned out to be peridot.

In ancient Egypt peridot was found on an island in the Red Sea called Topazios, known today as Zabargad. This was the source for Cleopatra’s many gems. Peridot was called the gem of light by the Egyptians and like many other gemstones it was attributed with healing powers. Specifically to peridot, the ability to calm night terrors and ward off evil spirits.

Peridots originating from the Mogok region of Burma and from the Suppatt region of Pakistan are among the most valuable. Their rich color and large crystal size make them very desirable and sought after by collectors and jewelry designers. Peridot can be cut into any shape and gifted lapidaries have created very lively and unusual shapes exploiting peridot’s brightness and transparency.

Peridots are beautiful and lively and can be a great addition to anyone’s jewelry collection. Many designers have incorporated the beauty of peridots into their lines at affordable prices. Peridot remains a popular choice for jewelry designers as it is plentiful and not very expensive.

Valued over the centuries for its beauty and color, peridot with its lively yellowish green color is a beautiful semiprecious gemstone worth acquiring if green is in your palate. Regent Jewelers can help you design your perfect peridot piece today.

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