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There are many companies out there who would like to help you sell jewelry online. Regent Jewelers would like to be the company you choose to sell jewelry online. We have been in business since 2004 in the same location. Our staff has over 40 years of experience buying and selling jewelry. So here are a few tips on how to sell jewelry online. Jewelry’s value in affected by several things. I will go over some of them to help you understand valuing, the selling process and how to establish trust.

  • Where a piece of jewelry is made influences its value. Jewelry from Italy and France which was manufactured in the 19th century has added value because of the quality of craftmanship and materials used in these places at that time. Provenance of a jewelry piece can be established by researching the hallmarks it has been stamped with. Aside from the traditional metal hallmarks, provenance hallmarks, specially from Italy, can help determine not only what country but also what region and manufacturer is responsible for its creation. There are several great reference books for researching hallmarks and we specialize in determining the provenance of each jewelry piece we purchase in order to pay the very best price. Regent Jewelers’ staff is very experienced in this area.
  • Style of a piece of jewelry is particularly important in older pieces. There are distinct jewelry styles and periods in history which are attributed to them. For example, Victorian period jewelry have two distinctive periods the early period which is characterized by light and airy designs with wispy motives and the mourning period after Queen Victoria becomes a widow. Edwardian, Deco and Mid-Century periods also have very distinctive designs associated with them. The architectural nature of Deco and Mid-Century periods are contrasted by the swirls and ribbons of the Edwardian period. Regent Jewelers is very particular about our estate jewelry. We have been buying estate jewelry for many years and are able to value these pieces on the spot and pay immediately.
  • What a piece of jewelry is made of, the metals and gems, is a great part of the value of a piece. Fine gems and highly refined metals make up some of the worlds most beautiful jewelry. Intrinsic value of gemstones and diamonds is a key component to any jewelry valuation. The quality of these gems and diamonds can be easily determined by Regent Jewelry as we have several gemological instruments to be utilized in the identification and valuation of gems and diamonds.
  • Designers and brands. Designer signatures and stamps on jewelry increase the value of jewelry exponentially. In some cases a piece of jewelry that would be worth only its weight in the material it was constructed of, increases in value by twice or three times simply because it is stamped or signed by a know jewelry designer. Among the most desirable brands are Tiffany, Cartier, Bulgari, Buccellati and Van Cleef and Arpels. It should be noted that the value of these brands is also because the craftmanship and materials used to manufacture this jewelry is of top quality. Not so long ago a strand of jade beads by Cartier was sold for 28 million dollars or 1 million dollars a jade bead. This value was influenced by the signature of the brand but the extremely fine quality of the jade was the determining factor.

All in all, there are several things to learn before you sell jewelry online. The most important is to find a buyer who will know enough to appreciate the value of the jewelry you are selling online as well as have the capacity to pay the best price. Regent Jewelers is very experienced in buying estate jewelry and as such can pay the best prices when you sell jewelry online to us. We are conveniently located in the corner of Miracle Mile and LeJeune in Coral Gables. I hope these tidbits of information have helped you sell jewelry online.

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