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How To Sell Sapphires In Miami

Selling sapphires in Miami can be a complicated task as there are few experts and even fewer who will give you their honest opinion and price your sapphires fairly. Blue sapphires are among the most common and their value ranges from the very low for synthetic or very dark blue to the very high for lively corn flour blue Kashmiri sapphires.

There are several well qualified sapphire experts in the South Florida area. Getting to know one will be the best place to start the process of selling your sapphire in Miami. Sapphires of value are usually sold with a grading certificate from one of the major gemological laboratories. The American Gemological Laboratory (AGL) and the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) are the most commonly used gemological laboratories in the US. Internationally, Gubelin Gem Lab, HRD Antwerp, and the SSEF are among the most recognized. Most important sapphires should be accompanied by grading reports from two internationally recognized gemological laboratories.

When selling a sapphire in Miami the following five things should be taken into consideration:

  • Does your sapphire have a grading certificate from a well known laboratory grading report?

If it does not, and you believe your sapphire is an important sapphire, you should take it to a jeweler you trust and have them submit it to one of the U.S. based laboratories.

  • Does your sapphire weigh more than three carats?

Sapphires which weigh more than three carats and are of fine quality are rare and should be considered valuable.

  • Is your sapphire mounted in a designer brand piece of jewelry?


Most sapphires used by high end brands such as Cartier, Boucheron, Van Cleef and Arpels and such, are of high quality and should be accompanied by a grading certificate from a major gemological laboratory.


  • What shape is your sapphire?

Mostly sapphires are cut in either an oval or cushion shape to bring out their best qualities. Sapphires which are different shapes can be quite desirable as they are uncommon and sometimes fetch a higher price just because of their shape. Personally we appreciate emerald cut sapphires.

  • Color intensity is very important in sapphires. The smallest of differences in shades or tones can make a great amount of difference in the value of a sapphire. If you are not sure of what you have, you should do some research and ultimately seek the advise of an expert you can trust.


Sapphires of high quality are valued for their place of origin. Sapphires originating from Kashmir are the most valuable. Other regions of interest which have historically produced high quality sapphires are Sri Lanka (also known as Ceylon), and Burma (also known as Myanmar). In order to establish value of a fine sapphire the first step is to establish its origin and then to establish treatment, and finally determine value based on its clarity, cut and overall beauty.

Selling a sapphire in Miami can be as easy as contacting Regent Jewelers and making an appointment. We will sit down with you and study your sapphire. We will explain all of the qualities and the value of your sapphire and give you a fair offer based on current market conditions. We can offer high prices as we have direct retail clients which collect important sapphires. We can assist you at our principal location, and also with our associations in New York and Hong Kong. Call us today to make an appointment. 305-443-7373

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