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Do you own jewelry containing blue sapphire? Do you ask yourself where can I sell my sapphire jewelry? I hope the following blog regarding blue sapphires can answer some of your questions, mainly, where can I sell my blue sapphire jewelry and how much is my blue sapphire jewelry worth. Blue sapphires are among the most popular colored gemstones in the world. With a variety of hues and tones, blue sapphires make a beautiful addition to any jewelry collection. Blue sapphires are mined throughout the world. The most famous, beautiful and valuable sapphires come from Kashmir a highly disputed region located between Pakistan, India and China. The term corn flower blue is often used to describe the color of sapphires from this region and their beauty is undeniable.

Sapphires from Burma, also known as Myanmar, are also very beautiful and valuable. The electric blue tones from Burma sapphires are very pleasing making these sapphires very desirable among jewelry designers, manufacturers and aficionados. Blue sapphires from Burma are not just beautiful, they are very interesting from a gemological perspective as they contain some very unique inclusions and can be easily identified by using a microscope if you know what you are looking for. Blue sapphires from Burma are found in the Mogok region of Burma and are sought after for their fine color and clarity.

Blue sapphires are also mined in Sri Lanka, these are termed Ceylon sapphires. Ceylon sapphires have a deep blue color and can present truly fine gemstones with world class characteristics. These sapphires are used widely in very fine jewelry as they have beautiful tones and are very lively. Ceylon sapphires often display strong color zoning. Master lapidaries can cut these wonderful gemstones in such a way as to exploit their most saturated points and making the finished gemstone look even and rich.

There are many other sources of blue sapphire in the world. Thailand produces very fine stones as well and although the majority of the blue sapphires from Thailand are very dark, some are very attractive and valuable. Throughout Africa, Asia and the Middle East sapphires can be found of varying qualities and values. Heating sapphires to over 1000 degrees Celsius is a very common practice.

Heating sapphires is done to concentrate color and enhance the overall appearance of a sapphire. Nearly all blue sapphires are heat treated in order to achieve high levels of saturation and better tones. Heating sapphires to over 1000 degrees Celsius melts the inside of the sapphire and dissolves many of the mineral inclusions which detract from body color and translucency. As the sapphire is brought close to its melting point, the crystals of embedded minerals are reduced to microscopic clouds and blended into the corundum matrix which makes up the sapphire. Thus, creating a more saturated color and darker tones.

Unheated sapphires are very rare as only the very finest material can be cut into beautiful gemstones without first heat treating. Unheated sapphires are high in value as they are beautiful without the aid of man. Only gemstones with grading certificates from one of the international laboratories are confirmed to be unheated. Regent Jewelers sells unheated blue sapphires bearing AGL (American Gemological Laboratories) grading certificates.

When selling your sapphire and sapphire jewelry it is important that you establish what you have. Trust only individuals with vast experience in sapphires to provide you with the knowledge you need in order to sell your sapphire for the most. Call Regent Jewelers today to set up and appointment and we will provide a free verbal appraisal for your sapphire or sapphire jewelry. Stop asking yourself where can I sell my sapphire and call today.  

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