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Selling your diamond can be difficult as diamonds are sometimes tied to many wonderful occasions in our lives. We give and receive them for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and other significant occasions. Sometimes these are wonderful memories and we want to keep these presents as mementos which remind us of how we felt and who was with us. Then there are those times which are best put behind us so we can start healing and start over. Selling your diamond can be part of that healing process. Afterall, a vacation or nice car can be a good start to “moving on”.

Diamonds which are above two carats are in high demand at this time. Especially those which are accompanied by a certificate from the Gemological Institute of America identifying them as natural and with a high color and clarity. This means that if you have an engagement ring or earrings which have a not so pleasant memory attached to them, this it the time to sell them. As we approach the holidays we are bombarded with memories and not having these around could mean a happier holiday season enjoying the cash derived from their sale instead of the dreaded memories.

Selling your diamond can be a liberating experience. It is said that true closure creates inner peace. When you turn a bad memory into a good one, you in essence create joy and peace. Once you have figured this out, the next step is to actually sell your diamond. This can be tricky as you want to get as much money for your diamond as possible and there are many ways of ensuring you do so.

First, find any documents you may have regarding your diamond purchase. Receipts, appraisals, grading certificates, all help in establishing value for your diamond. A diamond with an appraisal from a GIA graduate gemologist adds value to your diamond as it states the retail replacement value at the time the appraisal was accomplished and it also states the existence of a grading certificate. A grading certificate from a national gemological laboratory such as the IGI, AGL, or GIA can add value to your diamond as it accurately describes your diamond and provides a base for its value. Receipts from the initial purchase are also valuable as they can establish price at time of purchase.

Second, do some research and see what people are asking for similar diamonds online. Go to google, yahoo and other search sites and enter the weight in carats of your diamond along with its clarity, color and shape. This will provide results which can be used to begin to establish how much money you can expect to realize from your sale. While it is true that you may get more money if you sell your diamond on Ebay or another such website, the risk of fraud and difficulty collecting from bad actors is high. We do not recommend you do this unless you are an experienced Ebay seller. Once you have established the retail asking price for your diamonds you can begin to calculate the value of your diamonds. Usually, this is from one third to one half of the retail asking price most people are posting on line.

Third, do more research on existing jewelry stores in your area. I say jewelry stores as diamond dealers are prone to offer less as they have to then tack on their profits before offering the diamond to a jewelry store which will then tack on their profit. Jewelry stores will pay a bit more as they have direct retail clients and know what their clients purchase. The trick is finding the jewelry store which sells comparable diamonds to the one you have. If you have a fine large diamond you should contact Regent Jewelers as we are constantly searching for large fine diamonds for our customers and will offer a great price compared to others.

Finally, the actual sale of your diamond is the beginning! You should call us at 305-443-7373 to make an appointment to ensure the diamond buyer is going to be in on the day you plan to sell your diamond. We will treat you with respect, confidentiality and the knowledge that you are an informed customer with goals and expectations. You sell your diamond. Take that money and solve any problems that may be lingering from your divorce. Take that money and give yourself a spa day and clear your mind, body and soul! Enjoy the rest of your life as you have accomplished closure and found us to sell your diamond in Miami and Coral Gables.

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