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.93 Carat Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring in 18 Karat White Gold

The 18 Karat White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring is a stunning and classic choice for a proposal, embodying elegance and timeless beauty. Here are the detailed features:

  • Material: The ring is crafted from 18 karat white gold. This alloy contains 75% pure gold mixed with other metals to enhance strength and provide a bright, lustrous finish that complements the diamond's sparkle.

  • Center Diamond:

    • Carat Weight: The ring features a single .93 carat round brilliant cut diamond. This cut is renowned for its exceptional brilliance and fire, making it a popular choice for engagement rings.
    • Shape: The round brilliant cut is designed to maximize the diamond's light performance, ensuring it sparkles beautifully from every angle.
    • Setting: The diamond is set with four prongs in a Tiffany-style mounting. This classic and elegant setting elevates the diamond, allowing maximum light to enter and enhancing its brilliance while securely holding it in place.
  • Diamond Quality:

    • GIA Grading: The diamond is GIA graded, ensuring it has been evaluated by the Gemological Institute of America, a reputable authority in diamond grading.
    • Color: H - This grade falls within the near-colorless range, meaning the diamond has very slight traces of color that are typically undetectable to the naked eye, maintaining an excellent balance of quality and value.
    • Clarity: SI1 - This clarity grade indicates the diamond has slight inclusions that are visible under 10x magnification but are generally not noticeable to the naked eye, ensuring the diamond remains brilliant and appealing.
  • Ring Size: The ring is a size 6, which is a common and popular size for women's engagement rings.

This engagement ring combines high-quality materials and a beautifully cut diamond in a classic setting, making it a perfect symbol of love and commitment. Its timeless design ensures it will be cherished and admired for generations.

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