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The Smart Way to Sell Your Diamond Ring

Life is complicated and sometimes we need to make decisions which are uncomfortable. Sell your diamond ring may be one of these and we are here to help you through this process. How to sell diamond jewelry is a subject near and dear to our heart as we are active buyers of diamonds and diamond jewelry. Regent Jewelers is dedicated to providing the best experience possible whether our clients are buying or selling diamond jewelry or diamonds. We use a straightforward transparent process to assess the value of jewelry you are selling and walk you through every step of the process. Regent Jewelers uses state of the art equipment to assist you in selling diamond jewelry or selling diamonds.

Regent Jewelers is the best place to sell diamonds in South Florida. Here is what we do:

  • First we examine all jewelry pieces looking for damages, missing stones or any obvious defects. We do this to establish that the jewelry being offered is free of damage or defects and show the client any missing stones, scratches, dents or damage using our high-power microscope camera.
  • Second, we look at all of the gemstones and diamonds to establish an average color and clarity or quality of the gemstones. We examine all of the diamonds to see what their average weight is and we count how many diamonds make up the piece.
  • We calculate a total weight for the diamonds and establish a total diamond value for the piece.
  • We then weigh the piece and establish a metal value using daily updated market values.
  • We then take into consideration the market value of the piece of jewelry as a piece not as a total of gems and metals. We do this because many pieces have esthetic value which should be taken into consideration in order to evaluate the piece appropriately.
  • Finally, we make the offer, take all client information as per Florida state law and pay the client for their piece.

It should be noted that we constantly inform the client how we are achieving each value and how we arrive at the final offer. Regent Jewelers always offers fair prices based on diamond quality, size, shape and weight as well as design value and estimated market demand.

Complete transparency, honest verbal appraisals, immediate payments and accurate analysis of diamonds, diamond jewelry, gemstones and gemstone jewelry are what makes Regent Jewelers the best place to sell diamond jewelry in Miami and South Florida.

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