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There are many things to consider when you are going to sell diamonds online. Among the most important is trust. One needs to find a buyer who is trustworthy and establishing that is a major endeavor. After all, you will be selling diamonds online to someone you have never met and that means shipping your diamond before you get paid. Even if you research the buyers extensively you will still have stress over shipping, getting the check from the buyer and hoping the check does not bounce.

Yes, selling diamonds online can be very stressful. I will try to relieve some of that stress by giving you a simple list of things to do which will make this task easier and safer.

  • Know your diamond. First and foremost you need to get to know your diamond and its value. If your diamond came with a grading report from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) your quest for knowledge will be easier. If it did not, you may consider sending it in to get a truly impartial opinion of what your diamond is. Yes, it is a diamond, but are you certain of its color, clarity, cut and carat weight? If not, then you should send it in to the GIA. There are other laboratories used by some jewelers, however, the GIA is the standard by which other laboratories are measured. The only other gemological laboratory I would recommend is the American Gem Society (AGS) Laboratory. The AGS was the first to issue a cut grade for round diamonds. It was the first to clearly elaborate on what an ideal cut diamond is and what you should look for in an ideal cut diamond. The GIA has been issuing cut grades since 2004 and the AGS started much earlier than that issuing cut grades. Research online websites and get pricing on equivalent diamonds. This will give you an idea of the retail price for your diamond. Keeping in mind that everyone involved needs to make money in order to make your purchase happen, simply use a rule of thumb of 40% bellow the retail price shown on online websites which list hundreds of diamonds. In reality, the majority of these websites do not own the diamonds listed but instead are listing all of the diamonds available to them in the market. A subtle difference but one that can either cost, or save you money.
  • Find a buyer online. There are a few things to look for in a buyer when you are selling diamonds online. A buyer should be rated by their local Better Business Bureau. Go to the local BBB website and look for any comments, reviews and ratings for the buyer you are considering. Also, there are industry rating and credit grading organizations like Jewelers Board of Trade. IF a jeweler has a negative statement from anyone at either one of these sites, look someplace else. Diamond buyers should be experienced and have a wide market to sell diamonds as this will allow them to pay more for the diamonds you are selling online. Look for a buyer who has offices in several locations and who can sell your diamond throughout the country or even the world. The more customers the buyer has for your diamond, the more they will pay.

    Regent Jewelers and its parent company Golconda, LLC have been at the same location in Coral Gables since 2004 when a partnership between Erik Diamond and Carlos Tepedino was formed. With the passing of Mr. Tepedino, Regent Jewelers emerged and is today an active buyer of diamonds online and at their location in South Florida. Regent Jewelers is rated A by the BBB and is an active member of the JBT. Regent Jewelers has affiliate locations in New York and Hong Kong providing a wide marketplace for all of our merchandise. Regent Jewelers is experienced in buying and selling diamonds, gems and estate jewelry and will pay the best price possible when you sell diamonds online or in our store.

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