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July Birthstone: Ruby

Rubies have been valued far into antiquity. In the earliest of writings, in finds older than Egypt, in tombs long lost and newly found, one standard remains above all, ruby. Rubies are of the same mineral as sapphires, corundum. Corundum by any other color is considered a sapphire. When corundum presents red as a primary color, it is called a ruby. Rubies have adorned crowns, earrings, bracelets, rings and swords of royalty since royalty was established. Rubies occur in nature in many parts of the world. However, there is one location where the conditions bellow ground were perfect for creating the most attractive and valuable rubies in the word. Burma produces the most beautiful rubies in the world. Corundum in Burma mixed deep underground to include traces of chromium, rutile, calcite and other minerals to produce the most perfect of reds in rubies.

Burmese rubies are the most valuable rubies in the world. Recently, in 2015 Sotheby’s sold a 25.59 Carat Mogok Burmese ruby, The Sunshine Ruby for 30 million dollars. This gorgeous example of Burma rubies at their very best features a deep red color with exceptional clarity and brilliance. This ruby was expertly cut by Cartier and presents perfect internal color play and beauty. There are many price levels for ruby however, and you should not feel left out because you cant splurge in the millions of dollar range.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There are many beautiful rubies in the market and they come from all over the world. Recently, within the past five years, rubies from Mozambique have become very popular as some very fine gems have been mined from several of the mining regions there. Mozambique rubies are rich in color and many present great transparency and fire. Mozambique rubies of finest quality can stand up to the best rubies from Burma and are valued much less than equivalent gemstones from Burma.

A ruby, or its worth, has been at the center of philosophical discussion for eons. The Bible has a very famous statement about a wife of noble character being far more precious than rubies. Rubies have adorned the royal crowns of many countries. For a very long time the Royal Jewels of the British Empire contained a large red jewel which was thought to be a very fine ruby. When closely examined in the late 20th Century, it was found to be red spinel. A personal favorite, but not as valuable as a ruby.

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