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January Birthstone: Garnet

These beautiful earrings feature four almandine garnets and round brilliant cut diamonds. Almandine garnets are from the same family of garnets as glosurite and although there are many sources for almandine garnet around the world, gem quality stones remain quite rare.


The word garnet comes from the latin word “granatus”, which translates directly to grain, or grain like. This refers to the appearance of most deposits which are like small grains of red crystals in their host mineral. This beautiful garnet occurs in a variety of red tints ranging from purple-red to brownish-red. This color variation is due to the fact that almandine rarely occurs pure and often contains traces of spessartite or pyrope. Almandine the hardest member of the garnet family, as a respectable hardness of 7.5 on the Mohs scale making it a good gemstone for jewelry. The name almandine comes from a small town in Turkey called Albanda. Almandine garnets which have a reddish tone are more valuable than others. Brilliance, clarity and a pure color also determine the value of these beautiful garnets. Almandine garnets are somewhat magnetic and can be identified through the use of a strong magnet and a refractometer to establish refractive index.


Almandine can be found throughout the world. However, gem quality deposits are rare and some are found in the US. Alaska, Nevada, Montana and the Carolinas have been know to yield small gem quality stones. Gem quality stones are the result of lesser concentrations of the mineral iron and it is replaced by higher concentrations of magnesium and manganese. When this occurs, the more transparent, livelier gems are produced by nature and gem quality is achievable by proper lapidary cutting and polishing. The state of Connecticut has almandine as the state stone.


Garnets have been attributed with having healing powers and warding off bad luck and danger. The best reason to wear one, however, is the beauty in the stone. These rich and deep colored gemstones adorn jewelry in a way which resembles gemstones of much greater value. Almandine Garnets therefore are a bargain when you consider the impact they have and the beauty they contribute to any jewelry piece.


Step up this January and get her a pair of earrings, ring or necklace featuring almandine and make her birthday note worthy and filled with color. We are always available to help you design your perfect gift. Please call us to make an appointment. Happy January!

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