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Designing your own engagement ring

While there are many creative and imaginative people out there, few have enough design experience to design an effective and beautiful engagement ring. I say this not to discourage any of you from designing your own ring but to illustrate that experience is often the best factor in a designer. Experienced designers have been in the jewelry business for a long time and have tried and failed many times over. This experience is best utilized in creating something as important as an engagement ring.

When we start out designing we often try to create lavish complicated things which come from our most creative side. We are inspired by something we see or a theme of a book or movie. We then take this theme or item and try to incorporate it into our design and come up with a ring worthy of a princess. We all try to make something beautiful, and at the same time wearable every day.

Making a functional design is where the challenge resides. There are many ideas that pop into a designer’s mind which when translated to a physical gold or platinum mounting do not behave well, or look as we imagined. Sometimes these beautiful things catch on every little bit of cloth or garment and create havoc with lacy wedding dresses. We, as designers, must take into consideration when and where our pieces will be worn. We must adjust our designs to fit the requirements of our clients and must always try to create things which are durable and not change over a short period of time.

I have been in the jewelry business since 1995 and during that time I have designed and manufactured many engagement rings. I have used everything from a diamond to a black pearl and have made my client’s desires become crystallized in unique and beautiful designs which adorn a bride to be and represent her individuality and unique beauty. I have also manufactured several rings for clients which they have designed themselves without any input from a professional. Many times these designs work but sadly many times the designs result in the main gemstone being damaged or missing from it not being protected the correct way.

My humble advise to all of you who want a truly original ring is to visit a designer who you trust. Sit down with them and spend a good amount of time letting them know what’s important to you and what your dream ring is all about. Listen to the designer and use their experience in order to create your one of a kind, perfect ring.

I am available Monday through Friday from Noon until Three PM for design appointments. If you like you can call and make an appointment at 305-443-7373 or drop by during those hours.

On my next blog I will give you some design tips and things to look for when designing an engagement ring.  


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