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Roberto Coin .40 Carat Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Pendant

This luxurious pendant necklace by Roberto Coin showcases a round brilliant cut diamond weighing 0.40 carats. The diamond is held securely by a unique three-prong setting, crafted from 18 karat white gold. This minimalist setting allows for maximum exposure of the diamond, enhancing its natural brilliance and sparkle.

The pendant is attached to a delicate and finely crafted 18 karat white gold chain, which complements the modern and sophisticated design of the setting. Roberto Coin's signature touch, often a hidden ruby, is subtly incorporated, symbolizing good wishes and protection to the wearer.

The overall design is elegant and refined, with the simplicity of the three-prong setting drawing attention to the diamond’s exceptional quality and brilliance. This pendant is perfect for adding a touch of timeless elegance to any look, suitable for both everyday wear and special occasions

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