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1.6 Carat Diamond Eternity Band in Platinum

The 1.6 Carat Diamond Eternity Band in Platinum is a luxurious and elegant piece of jewelry, perfect for symbolizing eternal love. Here are the key details:

  • Material: The band is made of platinum, known for its durability, rarity, and lustrous shine. Platinum is a popular choice for fine jewelry due to its hypoallergenic properties and ability to hold gemstones securely.

  • Diamonds: The ring features 27 round brilliant cut diamonds. The round brilliant cut is the most popular diamond shape, known for its exceptional sparkle and brilliance.

  • Total Carat Weight: The combined carat weight of all the diamonds is 1.6 carats, indicating a substantial and eye-catching presence.

  • Color and Clarity: The diamonds are H color and SI clarity.

    • H Color: This rating falls within the near-colorless range, meaning the diamonds may have slight color traces but are typically undetectable to the untrained eye, offering excellent value for their quality.
    • SI Clarity: Standing for "Slightly Included," this clarity rating means the diamonds have small inclusions that are not usually visible without magnification, ensuring they remain brilliant and attractive.
  • Ring Size: The band is a size 6, a common size for women's rings.

  • Weight: The total weight of the ring is 3.7 grams, indicating it has a solid and luxurious feel without being overly heavy.

This eternity band is designed to be a timeless piece, offering a seamless row of sparkling diamonds that encircle the entire finger, symbolizing unending love and commitment.

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