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When you set out to sell your diamond jewelry you should always deal with an honest person who is knowledgeable and trust worthy. This goes for any transaction you do. We have been in the industry for a combined 40 years and our reputation among our peers is  flawless. 

A diamond is a very quantifiable commodity. Establishing the value of a diamond however, is something that only a trained professional with ongoing day to day dealings in the diamond market can do. This is because the diamond market, like any other, fluctuates with demand and supply. The fluctuations are dependent on such details as fluorescence, depth, table size, shape and of course, color and clarity. 

This is why you should come to us. We are always buying and selling diamonds. Thus, we are able to pay competitive prices every day. We are here to help you answer your questions when you ask how sell diamond jewelry.


Call us today to make an appointment to turn your unused jewelry and diamonds into cash. We feature on the spot offers and immediate payment.

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